Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's Hailey Wearing?

This is Hailey, my 4th grandchild. She has just turned four and is truly a girly girl. Hailey has hit the hand-me-down jackpot. She lives close to me and has complete access to grandma's closet. I have a sort of check out system with my adult daughters for their children's dressy or Sunday clothes. They take as many things as they want, let their kids wear them, and then return them to me for laundry, repair (if necessary) and future storage. This gives their kids lots of cute things to wear and leaves me in control of the clothes to pass out to the next cutie in line. This dress is made using 'Maggie' from Wendy Schoen Design and is constructed from blue and white Swiss voile gingham from Bear Threads. It has a great twirl factor. The dress made it's first appearance on Hailey's cousin Jorden at a family wedding three years ago. Hailey is the little girl, then only a year old, in the photo wearing the smocked collar bishop.

The boys are wearing linen shirts made from a KwikSew boys pattern. The baby boy is wearing a blue linen adaptation of 'Family Heirlooms' from AS&E #75. It's my 'go to' sailor romper for baby boys. Watch for more "What's Hailey Wearing" posts - some of them will be her mother's clothes from 25 years ago. Click on the photos for a close up view.


  1. Cute dress and cute girl! I can't imagine anyone being so lucky as having access to Grandma Gail Doane's closet!

  2. Too cute! I love your lending library system. Not sure how to make that work though since my girls won't be close when the time comes.

  3. What an excellant idea to keep the "goods" and lend them out. I have just laundered lots of things and thought that "almost here" new baby could wear some of them. I will follow your lead. There is one linen daygown with blue diagonal thread replacement that I would love to see if the baby is a boy. It was never worn by the last little guy. And I spent hours doing the work and hemstitching by hand. Susan VH

  4. Love the cuties but now we need pics of the closet!

  5. I don't know where all those little "blondies" came from, but that little boy on the end at the left looks just like your own three boys, Gail!

  6. Gail, what's the KwikSew pattern name or number of the bigger boys' button front shirt? I love the yoke detail.

  7. Hi Sarah, The shirt pattern is Kwik Sew #1971. It comes in sizes 4-7.

  8. hi gail, Since i am a self proclaimed daughter, do i have access to "grandma's closet?" I will be visiting in early november, i would love to see you, not for the closet!! Just to see you!


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