Thursday, September 10, 2009

8.5 & First Sign Of Fall

Two of my favorite things to do are sew and run. If I had to pick between the two, and I hope I never do, I think running would win. I am lucky enough to be able to walk out my front door and in a very few minutes be in a beautiful, pristine place. I do an 8.5 mile loop six days a week. The vertical climb is about 1500 feet. The leaves in the above picture were at an altitude of about 7000 feet. The picture was taken today and it's the first sign I've noticed that fall is coming.

The sunflowers seem to be having a great year. They are EVERYWHERE on the mountain.

I've saved the best picture for last. This is my dear friend and running buddy Sandy giving me a little pose on the fence line at one of our stop points. I'm quite sure she is the funniest girl on the planet. Her razor sharp wit and uncompromisingly clear view of things have carried me up this mountain through some very dark times. I would wish such a friend for everyone.


  1. Hi Gail,
    Love your blog! The children are beautiful. Thanks for sharing pictures of them. Hope to see you this year Jean Glore

  2. Hi Gail....What a beautiful view for your running; it would inspire anyone! Not much sign of fall here (DC) yet, though we have been having some cooler weather. Love all the pictures you've been sharing! especially of the grandchildren; can't wait to see them wearing clothes from those marvelous closets!

  3. AHHHH,to have such a friend is a treasure above all.
    sarah moss

  4. Hi Gail, you are an inspiration. But then, the landscape makes it easy to stay motivated!! Love your information. Looking forward to July!! Karin

  5. Treasure that friend. They are an irreplaceable blessing. And eight and a half miles? harrumph, I would be proud of 8 and half MINUTES!!!!!! But what an awesome view.

  6. Tell Sandy I am happy to see proof that she was at the top of the mountain :) Wish I was there to run with you two!


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