Monday, March 22, 2010

How cool is this!

I have reluctantly agreed to alter a wedding dress for my neighbors daughter. It's the most gorgeous, interesting thing I have ever seen. The entire dress is covered in horizontal rows of shaped netting, sequins and spiraled silk ribbon. The base fabric is silk shantung. The netting is machine stitched on and sits out at least 1/4" from the surface of the dress. I can't for the life of me figure out how it was stitched to the surface of the dress in such an intricate pattern. I may be in way over my head here so wish me luck. I will try to get the brides permission to post a photograph - the wedding is in June.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost heaven....South Carolina????

I know the song goes "almost heaven, West Virginia" but I'm quite sure it was almost heaven, South Carolina for me last week. I was lucky enough to spend four days teaching at Farmhouse Fabrics in Beech Island, South Carolina. Sally's warehouse is an overwhelming experience - in the best possible way. I've included a few close up photos to show a tiny portion of what's available at Farmhouse Fabrics.

I had an excellent group of students from all over the country, several of them dear friends who I have not seen in the last two years. Sally and her staff, especially Connie Palmer, were beyond helpful making sure everything went well. Everyday at lunchtime we were treated to a beautifully presented meal.

Between the stitching and the great food and the unbelievable on site SHOPPING I don't think anyone wanted to ever go home. I plan to go back two more times this year and hopefully many more times in the years to come. You can visit Farmhouse Fabrics online at

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March 22-25
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September 22-24
Yankee SAGA
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