Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Baby Jane

Sweet baby Jane is 7 months old, has three teeth and is crawling. I held her down long enough to model a new hat which will most likely be the jumping off point for a new four piece summer outfit. Hat fabric is white cotton pique trimmed with ric-rac and red mini micocheck.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Trip to Florida

I had the opportunity to go to Florida last week and stitch for five days with a wonderful group of ladies. The classes were sponsored by the Victorian Smockers SAGA group and were held at Laura's Sewing in Palm Beach Gardens. We had a lovely big classroom where roses and chocolate magically appeared on Valentines day. A big thank you to Laura and her excellent staff who out did themselves to make everything run smoothly. Another big thank you to Pat and her husband Bernie who were my hosts. They made my stay so comfortable and I even managed some early morning runs around the beautiful golf course their home sits on. Everyone there thought they were in a cold snap but for me it felt just like summer.

Upon arriving home my computer savvy children have encouraged me to set up an Etsy store. I have had many requests over the years to provide kits for some of my class projects. I will start with projects from my book 'Sew Cute Couture' ('Cute As A Button') and hopefully add more as time goes on. You can find me at www. etsy.com/shop/gaildoane

Teaching Schedule for 2017

March 22-25
t of St Louis SAGA
St. Louis,
contact: Diane (diane.brinker@gmail.com)

April 5-9
Children's Corner
Nashville, Tennessee
contact: www.children'scornerstore.com

April 28 - May 2
Chadwick Heirlooms
Richmond, Virginia
contact: www.chadwickheirlooms.com

May 22-26
Birmingham, Alabama
Fiming new vidoes for Classic Sewing magazine

June 8-11
Private class
Fernlake, Tennessee

June 22-24
Huntsville SAGA
Huntsville, Alabama
contact: Abbie (mofam@comcast.net)

June 26-28
Private class
Huntsville, Alabama

July 6-8
Prairie Bell Smockers (SAGA)
Lincoln, Nebraska
contact: Jenny (rev.leej.johnson@gmail.com)

July 18-23
Private class
Becky's Barn
Grinsley, Tennessee

August 7-11
Private class
Wenatchee, Washington

August 21-25
Farmhouse Fabrics
Beech Island, South Carolina
contact: www.farmhousefabrics.com

September 7-9
Low Country Smockers (SAGA)
Charleston, South Carolina
contact: Sallie (sallienold@gmail.com)

September 22-24
Yankee SAGA
Boston, Mass
contact: Kathy (kiodacey@gmail.com)

October 12-15
SAGA Regional
St. Louis Missouri
contact: www.smocking.org

October 16-19
Private class
St. Louis, Missouri

November 7-11
Private class
Medford, Oregan

For teaching information, a current class list, and available dates, contact gaildoane@hotmail.com