Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finished Project

This four piece set is the project for my classes at Farmhouse Fabrics. I'm very pleased to have plans to be there three times next year. I live in somewhat of a fabric wasteland so having access to Sally's warehouse full of treasures sounds like heaven to me.

I'm pleased with the look of the a-line dress. It has a very do-able amount of smocking. This particular one only took about two hours for the front and the two backs. The smocking shows quite nicely when the dress is paired with the wrap style jacket.

I like the idea of getting lots of mileage out of my jackets so I added a swing style smocked top and reversible pant. It gives a very wearable year round look

The jacket fabric is Australian Doctor's flannel, dress and pants are Liberty Tana lawn trimmed with tiny microcheck. Swing style top is cotton batiste. It will be sized in 1-4. I can think many, many more combinations of fabrics to make this set up in. I'd be pleased to hear your thoughts on possible combinations.


  1. Can't wait until next July when I'll be taking the FF class. This is a GREAT project with lots of things for us to learn/master. Of course, I'm a "fan" of the Doctor's flannel, but it would be nice to see some other possible options. You are soooo creative! It's truly a special gift you have.

  2. Wow! I love it! Will the kits at Farmhouse be liberty also? Jean

  3. Just love it. The only thing I wonder about is that ribbon coming untied at the side of the jacket on a toddler. I guess a stacked button and loop there would work too. Love the "spots" of smocking on the front and back. Too cute!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Jean - Sally and I are working on offering several kit options for the project. I'm hoping one of them will be a Liberty.

  5. Hey Martha - I'm quite sure that none of my toddler age grandchildren have sticky, grabby fingers to disrupt that ribbon. La la land is a lovely place for me to live sometimes. The button option sounds like a good one.

  6. Gorgeous!! But what else would you expect. I think the ribbon would be best with silk satin as it holds better. My oldest loved bows... when they were off her garments, head, shoes...

  7. I love it! Sure wish I was going to be at your classes! This set will certainly be on my list for my GHC since my baby is now way too big for it. I can see it made up in so many fabrics! The wrap jacket would be darling for a little boy with a change if fabrics and embroidery. This will look sweet on your little Jane. She is gorgeous!

  8. That 4 piece set is fabulous: nothing scary! involved and truly flexible and functional designs.I'm so excited to see the projects to be done at FF - I'll be there in March!!!
    Sarah Minton

  9. Gail, perhaps you could consider options for the narrow ribbon on the dress. Somehow the width seems out of proportion to the colors and print of the dress fabric. Perhaps a wider ribbon (like the one on the jacket) or one of the deeper colors in the print would blend more.

  10. Gail, it is gorgeous and and I am so excited to take another one of your classes. See you in March!!

    Bridget Anderson

  11. Gail, I love it! I am taking your class in March but I am sad to see the sizing only go to 4. My daughter is now in a 6. So I will be making this one for fun and not for anyone inparticular :(

  12. Gail, I absolutely can't wait to meet you and take this class from you at FF in March! I'm bringing three other girls with me and we are so excited - I can't wait to show them these pictures - they are just beautiful!!!

  13. Gorgeous!!!
    Just bought your "Cute as a Button" book, and now I'm hoping you'll produce a book for this set as well. I can wait, I don't have any grand children yet to make it for. Just hoping I DO . . . some day!


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