Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liberty Love

Sometimes fabrics just speak to you.  This Liberty print says it all to me - love it!
The under dress is all ivory PERFECTLY matched laces and batiste.  I have to give a big shout out to Capital Imports and Farmhouse Fabrics for providing these beautiful materials.  We all know there are many, many shades of ivory, some which look good together, and some which REALLY don't.  This can be a big frustration when planning a project with multiple laces and fabrics.  Thumbs up!!!



  1. So cute! You keep out-doing yourself. I love the net collar. Everything works together so well in this ensemble from the smocking and colors right down to the fabrics.

  2. This is beautiful! When I was in 5th-6th grade my favorite dress was a red corduroy jumper with a white slip dress with a ruffled collar and hemline. Your dress reminds me of it but yours is much fancier... just love it!

  3. Beautiful! The net collar is spectacular.

  4. Oh Gail, you've done it again...made me so eager for ANOTHER project that I start hurrying up finishing the ones I have yet to finish. Now - I'll have to be looking around for the right black lightweight fabric to make a little jacket as a cover up for a breezy evening over this ensemble!


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