Friday, July 20, 2012

Something In the Middle

This next set sits somewhere in the middle between a fancy dress and play clothes.  It's dressy enough for many occasions but kid friendly enough for everyday wear.

The swing top and capri pants are made from 100% cotton pique - probably one of my most go to fabrics.  It's lovely to work with, is durable enough to hold up to what most kids dish out, and washes very nicely.

The swing top has 5, 1/4" released tucks across each front overlayed with a block of joined Swiss insertions and beadings. 

The same tucks and Swiss insertion block is repeated across the back of the top.  The angel sleeves are trimmed with coordinating Swiss edging.  The swing top has a partial lining to allow for a nice finish around the arms eye. 

The bottoms of the swing top and capri pants are finished off with the Swiss beading and Swiss edging joined to look as one piece.  This will be another of my class proposals for the Martha Pullen School in 2013.  


  1. CUTE!!!! My princess is just now big enough for such an adorable ensemble. She is in that awkward place between baby wear and big kid. This fits the bill perfectly.

  2. Sweet!!!! This is the type of outfit that is reached for over and over in the closet. It is darling. Swiss pique is also my favorite fabric. ;-)

  3. Sweet!! That would be adorable lengthened for a dress too.

  4. Oh so hope it is accepted and I can come in February!!

  5. This is a really pretty ensemble but it looks soooo expensive to make what with all that Swiss edging and beading! I can't ever imagine putting this on one of my daughters to play in! Do people really have childrens clothes like this for everyday??

    1. I would never suggest that this set is an every day 'in the sandbox' type of thing. I have many women that take classes who greatly enjoy working with these types of materials and I am offering this as an alternative to a more fancy dress which several have voiced their grandchildren have very few occasions to wear. Your point is well taken that many of these types of laces are expensive but sometimes the pleasure of sewing and watching someone you love wear that garment override strict budget concerns when possible.

  6. Gail,
    The little swing top and capri pants are adorable. I missed seeing everyone this year at Martha Pullen and hope to be there in February 2013. Do you ever do infant clothing?
    Just curious.
    Joan B


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