Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Floofys, Floofys, Everywhere

If you thought I was never coming back to post anything on my blog I have to confess I thought the same thing. Sometimes life just happens but hopefully my life will once again allow me to check in here more often. I firmly believe that knitting is good for the soul. It's a rhythmic, quiet, individual process that suits me just perfectly. I can't stop making Floofy's. If you read back several posts I got hooked on these while teaching for the Bewitching Stitchers SAGA group in Boston. Lucky for me, I will be going back to teach for the same guild in March and will get to revisit 'Yarns In the Farms' where all this started. The photos are of my two favorite Texas girls (oldest daughter and oldest grand daughter)wearing their birthday Floofy's and my gorgeous, good natured twelve year old wearing hers.

Teaching Schedule for 2014

13-18 - Sewing At the Beach
Myrtle Beach, SC
contact: www.sewingatthebeach.com

5-9 - Martha Pullen School of Art fashion
Huntsville, Alabama
contact: www.marthapullen.com
26 - March 1 - Martha Washington SAGA
Washington, DC
contact: Linda (ownbyfam@hotmail.com)

13-15 - private class
Farmhouse Fabrics
Beech Island, SC
28-29 - American Sewing Guild
Provo, UT
contact: Marilyn (snowm64@gmail.com)

24-26 - Lone Star SAGA
Dallas, TX
contact: Wendy (wpullinen@yahoo.com)

3-9 - It's Sew Heavenly
Youngsville, LA
contact: Brenda (brenda@itssewheavenly.com)
17-19 - private class
Longboat Key, FL

19-21 - Sew Many Things SAGA
Franklin, TN
contact: Karen (langeland4101@gmail.com)

14-16 - private class

7-9 - Farmhouse Fabrics
Beech Island, SC
contact: Sally (www.farmhousefabrics.com)

17-21 - SAGA Convention
Orlando, FL
contact: www.smocking.org
27 - Oct 3 - Beating Around the Bush
Adelaide, South Australia
contact: www.countrybumpkin.com.au

24-26 - Chadwick Heirlooms
Richmond, Virginia
contact: www.chadwickheirlooms.com


For teaching information, a current class list, and available dates, contact gaildoane@hotmail.com