Saturday, March 7, 2020

Stitch Sequence for Scallop Crochet Eding into Entredeux

Stitch Sequence for  Scallop Crochet Edging into Entredeux
(size 12 perle cotton/#10 crochet hook)

1. Inset hook from front to back through first chosen entredeux hole.  Draw through a loop of thread.

2.  Holding the thread tail in place on the back side of the work, make one chain stitch in entredeux hole #1 with the working thread.  Tension the new loop down to the edge of the entredeux.

3. Single crochet into the next available entredeux hole.  Continue to single crochet in each subsequent entredeux hole keeping an even tension.

4. Turn work to begin second row.

5.  Chain 1. 

6.  Single crochet into first stitch.

7. Skip 1 stitch.

8.  5 double crochet in next stitch.

9.  Skip 1 stitch.

10.  Single crochet in next stitch.

11.  Skip 1 stitch

12.  5 double crochet in next stitch. 

11.  Skip 1 stitch.

13.  Single crochet in next stitch.

14.  Continue in established pattern for desired length.

15.  The abbreviated pattern would read:
·        Row 1:  SC
·        Turn work
·        Row 2:  Ch 1, SC in first stitch, *skip 1 st, 5 DC in next st, skip 1 st, 1 SC in next st;  Rep from * to end.  Fasten off.

                                                                 Chain Stitch

Single Crochet

Double Crochet

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